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Cloud turbulence measurements with actos appears to dose related.

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I you a alady taking anoth diabts dug (such as mtomin a sulonylua), ollow you docto’s dictions caully stopping/continuing th old dug and stating this mdication. Caully ollow th mdication tatmnt plan, mal plan, and xcis pogam you docthas commndd.

Typ 2 diabts is a lilong (chonic) disas that can dvlop at any ag, including duing childhood. Howv, it mostly occus in middl-agd and old popl. Th condition otn dvlops slowly ov tim. It can occu in ovwight obs individuals as wll as popl wha thin. But incasd at can mak it had th body tus insulin poply.

Masu liv tsts pomptly in patints whpot symptoms that may indicat liv injuy, including atigu, anoxia, ight upp abdominal discomot, dak uin jaundic. In this clinical contxt, i th patint is ound thav abnomal liv tsts (ALT gat than 3 tims th upp limit th nc ang), ACTOS tatmnt should b intuptd and invstigation don tstablish th pobabl caus. ACTOS should not b statd in ths patints without anoth xplanation th liv tst abnomalitis.

Although th was nstatistically signiicant dinc btwn ACTOS and placbth th-ya incidnc a ist vnt within this composit, th was nincas in motality in total macovascula vnts with ACTOS. Th numb ist occuncs and total individual vnts contibuting tth pimay composit ndpoint is shown in Tabl 9.

Tabl 7. Tatmnt-mgnt Advs vnts Congstiv Hat ailu (CH) in Patints with NYHA Class II III Congstiv Hat ailu Tatd with ACTOS Glybuid.

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metformin and sulfonylureas such as amaryl glimepiride , glucotrol glipizide and diabeta glyburide can be substituted for actos.

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