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Patints should b individually titatd tth dos that povids adquat analgsia with tolabl advs dug actions. Gnally, th lowst ctiv dos should b usd th shotst duation quid ttat th symptoms.

Tak th missd dos as soon as you mmb it. Howv, i it is almost tim th nxt dos, skip th missd dos and continu you gula dosing schdul. Dnot tak a doubl dos tmak up a missd on.

As dscibd oth psychotopics, amitiptylin may modiy insulin and glucos sponss calling adjustmnt th antidiabtic thapy in diabtic patints; in addition, th dpssiv illnss itsl may act patints’ glucos balanc.

Simultanous administation amitiptylin and MAOIs may caus sotonin syndom (a combination symptoms, possibly including agitation, conusion, tmo, myoclonus and hypthmia).

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