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Cay an ID cad wa a mdical alt baclt stating that you a taking a stoid, in cas mgncy. Any docto, dntist, mgncy mdical ca povid whtats you should know that you a taking stoid mdication.

Ollow all dictions givn tyou by you doctand phamacist caully. Ths dictions may di om th inomation containd in this lalt.

Som mdicins may int with AISTOCOT. You may nd tus dint amounts you mdicin, you may nd tus dint mdicins. You doctwill advis you.

Tiamcinolon is a stoid. Tiamcinolon pvnts th las substancs in th body that caus inlammation.

Tmak su you can saly tak tiamcinolon, tll you docti you hav any ths oth conditions:

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