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Ask a doctphamacist i it is sa you tus Alv i you a alsusing any th ollowing dugs:

Alv is usd ttmpoaily liv minachs and pains du tathitis, muscula achs, backach, mnstual camps, hadach, toothach,and th common cold. Alv is alsusd ttmpoaily duc v.

NSAIDs (xcpt low-dos aspiin) may incas th isk hat attacks, stok, and latd conditions, which can b atal. This isk may incas with duation us and in patints whhav undlying isk actos hat and blood vssl conditions. NSAIDs should not b usd th tatmnt pain sulting om coonay aty bypass gat (CABG) sugy.

Ctain conditions (such as athitis), it may tak up ttwwks taking this dug gulaly until you gt th ull bnit.

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