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Dosage reduction of altace and or discontinuation of the diuretic may be required.

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Information about Altace.

Tll any oth doctos, dntists, and phamacists whtat you that you a taking this mdicin.

An incas in th quncy skin ash has bn potd among patints civing ampicillin amoxicillin concuntly with ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) compad tpatints wha not civing both dugs. Th caus th potd association has not bn stablishd.

ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) and its pimay activ mtabolit, oxipuinol, a liminatd by th kidnys; tho, changs in nal unction hav a poound ct on dosag. In patints with dcasd nal unction whhav concunt illnsss which can act nal unction such as hyptnsion and diabts mllitus, piodic laboatoy paamts nal unction, paticulaly BUN and sum catinin catinin claanc, should b pomd and th patint’s dosag ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) assssd.

It may tak sval months long byou l th ull bnit allopuinol. Allopuinol may incas th numb gout attacks duing th ist w months that you tak it, although it will vntually pvnt attacks. You doctmay pscib anoth mdication such as colchicin tpvnt gout attacks th ist w months you tak allopuinol. Continu ttak allopuinol vn i you l wll. Dnot stop taking allopuinol without talking tyou docto.

Ask you docti you hav any qustions about why this mdicin has bn pscibd you. You doctmay hav pscibd it anoth ason.

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