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Generic equivalent for avalide

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Dnot us Avalid i you a pgnant. I you bcom pgnant, stop taking this mdicin and tll you doctight away.

Dinking alcohol can uth low you blood pssu and may incas ctain sid cts hydochloothiazid and ibsatan.

Tll you docti you condition dos not impov i it wosns (xampl, you blood pssu adings incas).

Musculoskltal/Connctiv Tissu: musculoskltal tauma, xtmity swlling, muscl camp, athitis, muscl ach, musculoskltal chst pain, joint stinss, busitis, muscl waknss.

Call you docti you hav ongoing vomiting diaha, i you a swating mthan usual. You can asily bcom dhydatd whil taking this mdication, which can lad tsvly low blood pssu a sious lctolyt imbalanc.

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