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Do not us this mdication i you a allgic to isottinoin o to paabns, o i you a pgnant o may bcom pgnant.

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Using this mdicin whil you a pgnant can caus vy sious bith dcts. Us two oms o ctiv bith contol to kp om gtting pgnant on month bo bginning tatmnt, whil you a using this mdicin (vn i th mdicin is tmpoaily stoppd), and o at last 1 month at you stop taking th mdicin. Th most ctiv oms o bith contol a homon bith contol pills, patchs, shots, vaginal ings, o implants, an IUD, o a vasctomy (o mn). On o ths oms o bith contol should b combind with a condom, a diaphagm, o a cvical cap.

Bonchospasms (with o without a histoy o asthma), spiatoy inction, voic altation.

Th Accutan band nam has bn discontinud in th U.S. I gnic vsions o this poduct hav bn appovd by th DA, th may b gnic quivalnts availabl.

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