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Th a usually nsymptoms high blood pssu. Th only way knowing that you hav hyptnsion is thav you blood pssu chckd on a gula basis. High blood pssu, i not tatd, can damag blood vssls in sval ogans such as th hat, th kidnys, th bain and th ys. This may lad that attacks, hat kidny ailu, stoks, blindnss. Th a usually nsymptoms high blood pssu bdamag occus, syou doctnds tmasu you blood pssu ts i it is tohigh.

AVAPO HCT hlps most popl with high blood pssu, but it may hav unwantd sid cts in a w popl. All mdicins can hav sid cts. Somtims thy a sious, most th tim thy a not.

I any th ollowing happn, stop taking AVAPO HCT and tll you doctimmdiatly gtcasualty at you nast hospital –

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